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iMaximize is your definitive Social Security resource to help you determine your optimal filing strategy.

Using a proprietary calculation model, iMaximize produces precise, clear results, uniquely tailored to your individual scenario.

No other calculator comes close to the ease of use and accuracy of iMaximize Social Security.

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iMaximize Social Security Calculator Features



Retirement, Spousal, & Survivor

Proprietary model precisely calculates the optimal filling strategy for individual retirement, spousal, and retirement benefits.

File and Suspend

Advanced logic to analyze when to employ File and Suspend techniques to maximize benefits.

Single Individual Strategies

Ability to calculate strategies for single individuals


Government Pensions

Fully factor in government pension issues such as Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offsets

Delayed Collection Strategies

Analyze delayed collection strategies

Early Collection Strategies

Calculate early collection strategies.


Currently Filling

Analyze strategy improvement for individuals currently collecting benefits.

Date Precision to the Day

Dial in exact birthdays and filing dates for precise results

Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)

Fully factor in individuals with government pensions with the easy to use windfall adjustment feature


Exact Life Expectancy

Dial in an exact life expectancy to precisely calculate the ideal strategy]

COLA Adjustment

Adjust calculator logic for COLA assumptions

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Discounts all cash flows to present value terms for reliable strategy selection.




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  • WOW! The tutorials in this tool are great! They left nothing to figure out. My results report was beautiful. I will definitely be recommending this to all my friends!
    Sue R., Louisville, KY
  • When my husband and I searched the web for a net present value calculator to help us determine which social security claiming strategy was the right one for us, we discovered little available that was social security-specific. Then we discovered the iMaximize app and the whole process was simplified. It is easy to use and allowed us to test multiple scenarios to help us find the right strategy for us. We highly recommend it.
    Nancy S., Washington DCiTunes Review
  • I couldn't believe how easy to use this calculator was! My husband and I were planning on taking our benefits early but found out we would miss out on over $500,000 extra benefits. Best 15 minutes I have spent in a long time.
    Debbie R., St. Simons Island, GA
  • It's so difficult to wade through the mountains of instructions and conflicting information out there on the web about collecting SS. This app makes all of this incredibly simple to understand and gives you just the facts. It's easy for anyone to learn how to optimize their SS strategy--even for people who aren't good with technology. Highly recommended!!
    Luke H., Chicago, IllinoisiTunes Review
  • I am computer illiterate, but this thing was so easy to use. The report was awesome. I will be taking it with me to the Social Security office so I know I won't make any mistakes when I file!
    Bo M., San Diego, CA



Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy

iMaximize quickly sorts through the options and recommends the optimal strategy for you. The calculator is so easy to use, most users can obtain a result in less than 5 minutes.







We use advanced security to ensure the data is protected and secure.







The accuracy and precision of the iMaximize calculator is unparalleled.








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